Remember in December when we first told you about our little head shave event to support one of our own Eagles undergoing a bone-marrow transplant? Well, our little event has turned into something very BIG!

Londoners are being touched by our story and asking, “How can we help?”

I started off by telling others how adorable our Eagles were to want to shave their heads for one of our own and to raise money for children with cancer in the process. Our kids picked a goal of $10,000 without really understanding what that number meant, then starting telling me about the things they wanted to do to raise money for children undergoing cancer treatment. It was clear these young, enthusiastic children were going to need some help to come anywhere near their goal. I agreed to shave my head if they do raise $10,000!

Our friends at Blyth Academy London invited me in to tell them about our Eagle undergoing treatment and our school’s goals to help other children. The response there was overwhelming! The Blyth students jumped to help, starting by organizing a dodgeball tournament fundraiser.

Here’s a picture of their students with ours:

Blythe Academy London & Infinity School

I was then told by a representative of the London Knights hockey organization  that some of their team members (also in the picture above) are going to shave their heads along with us! Please stay tuned to the Knights Facebook page and Twitter feed for updates on what they will be doing as part of our head shave initiative.

Royce White of the London Lightning basketball team was eager to help us, too! He came by our school to chat with the students, most of whom are shaving their heads. Royce is going to shave his head along with us! We’re going to go together to the Monday, Feb. 20th Lightning game so come say “Hi” at the game and see our shiny heads!


I have been to Toronto SickKids hospital twice to see our Eagle and am happy to let you know that the bone-marrow transplant has been going very well. She actually received her transplant through a cord blood donation! It was amazing to know that the funds we are raising for both SickKids Foundation and Children’s Health Foundation go to creating these types of wonderful treatments — ones that have saved our little friend’s life.

Can you help by donating to our cause or passing the word along? Here are the links to donate directly to our Head Shave Event:

SickKids Foundation (where she is being treated now)

Children’s Health Foundation (where she has been treated in years previous)

Myself, our Infinity School Eagles, and Royce White will all be shaving our heads together on Tuesday, Feb. 14th (Valentine’s Day) at our Infinity School location: 536 Huron St at 2pm. A huge thank you to the wonderful team at Shampoo Planet who will be shaving our heads!

(This is me with some of our Infinity School students)


For more information about this event or our Infinity School, please contact me, Andrea Loewen Nair, Head of School, at