One of the young students in our Infinity School (in London, ON) is currently going through a bone-marrow transplant in SickKids hospital in Toronto to treat her “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).”

In the process of this treatment, she will have to be away from her family, home, and school — even over Christmas — in an isolated area where only her parents can be with her. This girl has already lost her hair during the treatment process, and although this has happened, is still full of giggles and playfulness when she has been able to come to school sporadically since the discovery that her cancer had returned. Her bravery is inspiring.

In an act of support and love for her, our students have decided to host and participate in a “Head-shave Event” in her honour. We are like family here. All of our students will be shaving their heads for her on Valentine’s Day: Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017. They decided to do this, to have it on Valentine’s Day (to show our love for her), and that the funds raised in the process are to be donated to the SickKids Foundation. They believe this is the best way to help her and the other sick children needing more research, more resources, and more fun.

The students have set a lofty goal! They want to ensure they are making an impact on kid’s lives at the hospital. It is their hope to raise $10,000! If they do reach that goal, I have agreed to shave my head, too! (EEK!)


Can you help? We are inviting our school family members, friends, and the community to join us: would you like to shave your head, too? Can you donate some items to the swag bags for those shaving their heads? Can you make a donation to our $10,000 goal? Please contact me (Andrea) at or 519-852-5810 if you answered “yes” to any of those questions.

Here is the link to donate to SickKids Foundation as part of our Head-shave Event.

All those people and businesses who donate or provide items for the swag bags will be publicly thanked and supported (unless you indicate otherwise). It’s important to us that your act of generosity is shared in our community.

Details of the time and location of the head shave event will be added, as those plans are solidified.

Thank you for your support and please stay connected with us here and through our school’s Facebook page for more information.