Wanted: Twelve to Fourteen-Year-Olds Who Can Lead!

By |January 19th, 2018|About Us|

The Acton Academy affiliate program in London, called Infinity School, is looking for teenagers with ambitions to lead others, be mentors, learn well beyond what is thought possible for youth, and to help create systems and programming for younger children. This call to action for young people is not for the faint of heart. We [...]

Enrolling now: ages four and up at innovative London, ON school

By |September 27th, 2017|About Us|

Have you heard about our Infinity School? It is an Acton Academy program started in London, ON last September by Andrea Loewen Nair (a psychotherapist/ parenting educator and school administrator) and Dr. Vineet Nair (a family doctor). What is an Acton Academy? The short answer to that question is that this education program is essentially a one-room schoolhouse for the 21st century. We [...]

WANTED: 5 to 7-Year-Olds for our New School

By |June 12th, 2017|About Us|

Have you heard about our Infinity School? It is an Acton Academy program started in London, ON last September by Andrea Loewen Nair (a psychotherapist/ parenting educator as well as a school administrator) and Dr. Vineet Nair (a family doctor). We’re having a great first year and wanted to let you know that we have [...]

Infinity School: Meet Our Incredible Guide, Mr. Jeremy

By |May 11th, 2017|About Us|

We are thrilled to have found Mr. Jeremy as our first Guide at Infinity School (an Acton Academy). Actually, he found us! When word first got out that our new school in London, ON was opening, we were inundated with applications from teachers. It was wonderful to be able to look through many interesting resumes [...]

London, ON: Head Shave Event For Children With Cancer

By |January 23rd, 2017|About Us|

Remember in December when we first told you about our little head shave event to support one of our own Eagles undergoing a bone-marrow transplant? Well, our little event has turned into something very BIG! Londoners are being touched by our story and asking, "How can we help?" I started off by telling others how [...]

We’re shaving our heads in support of one of our students! Can you help?

By |December 1st, 2016|About Us|

One of the young students in our Infinity School (in London, ON) is currently going through a bone-marrow transplant in SickKids hospital in Toronto to treat her "Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)." In the process of this treatment, she will have to be away from her family, home, and school -- even over Christmas -- in [...]

Open House: Tuesday, June 7

By |June 3rd, 2016|About Us|

Are you looking for a different education opportunity for your children? We invite you to come meet us, have your questions answered, and see our school space on Tuesday, June 7th anytime between 6pm and 7:30pm. We're so fortunate to be sharing space with the London Community Hebrew Day School in their beautiful, modern, bright [...]

What I Wish I Learned in School

By |May 28th, 2016|About Us|

By: Vineet Nair, MD, CCFP & Infinity School co-founder Ever since my wife, Andrea, and I started on this journey of bringing Infinity School: An Acton Academy, a new independent school to London, I have been doing a lot of thinking and contemplating on education and what I want for our kids. Invariably, it ends [...]

Learn More About Us

By |April 28th, 2016|About Us|

Hopefully you have had an opportunity to read through our website and get a better feel for our Infinity School program. We imagine that you still have questions and would like to meet us and see the facility. Vineet and I (Andrea) just returned from visiting the Acton Academy Headquarters in Austin, TX, and being able [...]

How Infinity School Got Its Name

By |April 2nd, 2016|About Us|

When we first found Acton Academy, and made the big decision to start one of our own, we were thrilled to learn that we had the freedom to name our school whatever we liked. We wanted to find a name that best reflected our personal vision, the type of community we want to create, and [...]