Are you looking for a supportive, positive, and enriching educational experience for your children? We have a suggestion for you: come try our school for a day!

There are many reasons to try our new Infinity School. We offer an academically rich program that includes strong physical education, entrepreneurial, French, music, project-based, and outdoor learning components. Our “learner-driven community” allows the students to progress at their own pace, receiving support from the entire community to succeed.

Our location is amazing: we're a walk away from athletic fields & natural areas

Our location is amazing: we’re a walk away from athletic fields & natural areas

And there’s no homework! Ever.

Our students (we call them “Eagles”) don’t need homework, tutors, or outside supportive educational programs to succeed in things like math, reading, or writing. This is because our Acton Academy system and our school schedule have been created to give the students the time they need to master skills. They move on when they are ready, not when the calendar tells them to. They get breaks when they need to and we never ask them to sit still!

We use our PE time in Sep to train for Cross Country. Each of our Eagles earned a Gold Medal time at the race!

We used our PE time in Sep to train for Cross Country. Each of our Eagles earned a Gold Medal time at the race!

In addition to supporting our children to succeed academically and physically, we also incorporate emotional and intellectual growth. We teach our Eagles things like how the brain works and how our thinking can really affect our behaviour. We also promise to interact with our Eagles positively and be there for them — to help them grow to be the best versions of who they are.

We can’t promise there won’t be bullying, mean girl situations, or shaming here, but if that ever happens, we’ll gather together to work on a solution the whole group is happy about. Our promise to our families is that this is a safe place and we won’t let our Eagles or an adult at the school say or do anything to hurt another. In the rare case this does happen, the whole community will handle it immediately.

It has been interesting watch our newest Eagles transition from other teacher-led to our student-lead environment. They go from constantly asking for permission and looking to see if they are getting in trouble, to using more of an honour system and keeping each other in check. It was amazing to watch them work together to create this video during their project time!


Each of our students has a Chromebook, as well as we have a “big computer” to run larger programs like coding and robotics.

If you come observe (adult) or join us (student) for a day, you’ll see how the students themselves have taken ownership of their learning and the environment! They have also become very close with each other. We can see really strong friendships growing with our students.

You may have a lot of questions about our school and if it is a good fit for you and your children. We invite you to visit our website for answers, and you are certainly welcome to call us anytime at 519-852-5810. You can also get a good feel for our daily life by looking through our Facebook page.

We currently have boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 11 and will be growing each year through to the end of high school as our oldest children progress. We’ll accept students anytime throughout this year who are between those ages. Beginning September, 2017, we can accept children ages six through twelve.

If you are interested in spending a day, morning, or afternoon with us, please do call or email Andrea Loewen Nair, Head of School, at

Who are the people behind the creation of this school?

Andrea Loewen Nair. M.A., CCC and Vineet Nair, MD, CCFP are the founders of Infinity School, which is a registered Acton Academy program.

The Head of School, Andrea Loewen Nair, has a wealth of experience working with children and families. She began her career as a high school math, chemistry, and physics teacher then achieved her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychotherapy. Andrea is a licensed teacher as well as a Certified Canadian Counsellor.

She also happens to be one of the most-read parenting educators/ experts in North America. Publishers like Today’s Parent Magazine and even The New York Times have reached out to her for expert comments. She is a regular contributor to Erica Ehm’s and you can see an example of her writing in a recent post called: What To Do When Your Child or Student Says, “I’m Stupid”

Infinity School’s co-founder, Vineet Nair, MD, CCFP, is a family physician and also the co-owner and administrator of The Core Family Health Centre in London, ON. He has a love for education, wanting today’s children to have the best school experience they can possibly have. He is constantly learning about learning and his passion for improving schooling is obvious.

We’ll leave you with some words from our Infinity School Eagles:

They were asked: what is great and different about being in this school versus others schools you have attended?

“We have a lot more freedom. I love it here!”

“I never get recess taken away or have to ‘sit on the wall’.”

“I get to learn what I want to learn – and I’m learning a lot!”

“I get to learn at my own speed.”

“You don’t tell us what to do!”

“We are closer with the other students – we’re making better friendships.”

“I actually love coming to school. This is the first year I’ve said that.”


And you can ask our Mayor Brown what he thought of our school: he came for a visit recently.

Mayor Brown was the special guest at our last Exhibition Day (where our Eagles demonstrate what they have learned)

Mayor Brown was the special guest at our last Exhibition Day