Infinity School (an Acton Academy) is now accepting student enrolments for the 2017-2018 school year.

We have two programs running for this school year (with High School beginning in the future as our students progress):

Elementary Studio for those ages 6 to 10 – roughly grades 1 to 5

Middle School Studio for those ages 11 to 13 – roughly grades 6 to 8

It is important to know that we use achievement levels rather than grades so it is possible for children in younger or older ages to be in each of the different programs. For example, we currently have a nine-year-old in the middle school program due to his fast progression through the academic material. We also have students in the middle school program doing math at earlier levels to match their personal abilities.

Hopefully you have had a chance to read through our website and Facebook page to have a better understanding of what Infinity School is about. The Facebook page will give you a good feel of what happens in our program on a day-to-day basis.

Click here to see the 2017-2018 calendar and tuition rates. *Please note that the Early Bird tuition discount deadline is Jan. 31, 2017. 

Here are some of the aspects that make Infinity School different and a place our students (we call them “Eagles”) all love to come to each day:

  • Independent learning – The children progress academically to mastery rather than to a curriculum set according to a calendar. They move on to the next concepts when they fully comprehend the topic at hand. This allows our Eagles to progress quickly or more slowly depending on their abilities. An important part of this independent learning is the use of “SMART goals.” Our students are coached in what this type of goal making is and how to use the goal process as a tool for positive growth in their lives.
  • Supportive adult to student ratio – There are no more than 18 children working with one adult (usually one for every 12 children).
  • Project-based learning – It is well known that project-based learning is a helpful way to learn in the 21st century. Our Eagles tackle real-world problems together developing communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and critical thinking skills along the way.
  • Positive, supportive environment – Our adults use positive means to redirect and support the Eagles when experiencing big emotions, conflict, or disruptive behaviour.
  • Multi-age classroom – Who decided over a hundred years ago to split children up by their age into grades?! We know that a child’s ability is not defined by a particular knowledge set that nicely fits into the same age/grade model for everyone. At no other time in people’s lives are we put into groupings based on ages: not in families, workplaces, teams, arts groups or activities. Our modern version of a one-room schoolhouse allows our Eagles to benefit from being both the giver and receiver of help from fellow students. It’s wonderful watching our older and younger children supporting each other.
  • Student-focused schedule – Our Eagles are continually challenged during academic time (we get a lot done in one day!) so they also get lots of rest, fun, outside time, and playtime each day. We even have board game time built into the schedule.
  • Learner-driven community – Our adults are not “the boss.” We guide our Eagles as a group of learners working to create agreements they all follow and govern together. It’s amazing to see this group of kids holding each other to high conduct and behavioural standards! It’s also interesting seeing what kinds of ideas they come up with for our program — like student council and pizza days.
  • No Homework! That’s right! Our Eagles do so much each day that they don’t bring their work or projects home at the end of the school day. Our families LOVE having their evenings and weekends homework-stress-free.
  • Engaging programming beyond academics. Here are some of the experiences our Eagles have had this year:
    • Cross-country running training: ALL of the Eagles, some of whom had never run before, finished with Gold Medal times at the cross country meet.
    • Music program directed by the London Music Conservatory
    • Basketball unit with trained basketball coaches
    • Climbing at the Junction Climbing Centre.
    • Chess instruction from Mr. Lee at London Chess Promotions. They’ll all be going to the City Chess Championships – even the ones who just learned how to play chess this year.
    • LEGO robotics and coding. We’ve got professionals coming in over the February break to guide the students with robotics equipment and coding.
    • Skating lessons. Our Eagles are receiving skating lessons from a former competitive figure skater for six weeks.
    • Art program with a local professional artist.
    • Children’s Business Fair. The Eagles will be learning about entrepreneurship and participating in the first annual London Children’s Business Fair (hosted by Infinity School)

Imagine a school your children love to go to every day! That’s what is happening with the students currently enrolled in our program.

If you would like register for the upcoming year, please click here to start that process. We look forward to meeting your family!